“Businesses using online ads benefited from a 31% brand boost on average.”

 – Google

Google Ads Click to Call or Pay-per-click advertising can be an effective strategy to help your business convert leads into new customers. Yet, if a search engine marketing campaign is poorly executed, it may just end up being a waste of money. That’s why we have a team of highly skilled SEM specialists who devote their time to developing expert ad campaign strategies for your business. We specialize in building Google Ads Search and Display Network.


Many digital marketing companies will claim to hold the secret keys that unlock placing your business at the top of search results, but the truth is that everyone (including our AdWords and SEO team) has access to these tools. So what’s special about Velocity? – Our experts optimize every dollar you spend in your advertising campaign to its fullest potential. In an effort to offer transparency to our customers who subscribe to our digital advertising services our AdWords and SEO specialists explain these processes so you know how many clicks your investment returns to your business.

Our Web Team is ready to build you a dynamic and responsive website that looks great on all digital devices and optimized for maximum visibility on search listings.

Every small business needs an online presence, and we build dynamic sites that feature customer reviews, business photos, and details of your products or services; the content people value the most. “Responsive” websites offer a professional feel on desktop and mobile devices alike.

When customers search for local services online using sites like Google Maps, your business will be there. Our team will create or optimize these listings for you, so you’re never more than one click away from customers on the go.

Our Digital Services and Marketing teams are available at your convenience by email, phone and live chat.

Google Display Ads

Capture new leads with Google Display Ads. Target customers across social media platforms using keywords, geo-targeting and demographic data.

Google Search Ads

We specialize in efficient Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns using Adwords and can monitor your campaign continuously to provide PPC reports measuring ad performance, allowing you to adjust and maximize your budget.

Facebook Ads

Social media marketing has changed the way businesses get their products and services in front of new customers. This is why your business can benefit from a Social Media Advertising Campaign.

Industry Specific Keywords

Our in-depth research identifies which keywords your potential customers use for search. By remarketing social media ads and pay per click campaigns, we can help you increase conversions among repeat visitors and customers.

Company Branding

Does your brand need some love? Does your logo need a new contemporary re-design? Here at Velocity our design team is capable of creating a timeless and memorable brand for companies both new and old.

Web Development and Visual Systems

Your online identity is a core element to your brand success, and we are here to not just build it for you, but promote it for greater exposure. Visual systems are our specialty; from custom advertising to intricate infographics.



After our analysis of your current digital advertising presence, we’ll provide recommendations for targeting, copy, and design.


We’ll do a deep dive into what is going on with your business and overall industry. That information is directly used to work building out your account and, ultimately, launching your ads.


After your ads launch, we monitor your campaigns and make tweaks to ensure optimum performance.


Monthly reports outline campaign performance data, including recommendations for different forms of action to improve brand exposure.

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